What makes us different?

What makes us different?

When we first started out in 2001 our vision was quite simply to offer our clients a single point of contact to help them run and administer their benefits.

Team Rewards has become so much more than just a benefits provider. If you think ‘You can now run your benefits exactly how you want to run them’ sounds like a bold statement then you may be surprised at just how flexible our solutions are. You can run just one benefit or the full spectrum all the way through to launching a comprehensive flex scheme. By removing the burden of administration and communication we take care of everything, even tailoring your scheme to exactly how you want it to look and work.

By using our tried and tested return on investment tools and monthly subscription model (no upfront investment required) we’ll also help you manage your budget more effectively. By taking maximum advantage of our Salary Sacrifice schemes you can make significant savings by reducing your company’s National Insurance Contributions (NICs). You may even be able to run your programme on a cost neutral basis.

We don’t promise to tick every box but we always go the extra mile to fill those we can’t.

Platforms – everything under one roof for you and your employees

Customise – bespoke tailoring, we can do more than just adding your logo!

Flexible – your benefits….. your rules…. run the ones you want, when you want, how you want

Engage – deliver the right message the right way

Accessible – 24/7 365 across all devices

Secure – protecting your data for complete peace of mind.