Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

Through our trusted partner employees are now able to borrow and save together in the workplace community.  Working with employers to offer their employees access to affordable borrowing directly from their salaries at no cost to the employer is a new and exciting concept that is being adopted by many of our clients.

The smart technology offers an easy to implement financial solution that drives employee engagement, increases productivity and reduces employee stress.  With a mission of reducing debt repayments for UK employees by pioneering the creation of workplace communities that will enable employees to borrow and save together at fairer rates, this is a fantastic benefit.

Salary deducted payments – loan repayments via net salary deduction means reduced risk, high acceptance rates and better finance rates for your employees

NO cost and NO risk – employers enjoy an easy to implement employee benefit with no cost and no liability

Putting employees first – unlike other lenders, we look beyond credit scores.  We take your people’s employment status and financial situation in to consideration to make our loans available to vast majority of employees