Bike To Work UK - A Healthy Workforce Is A Productive Workforce

Few individuals are ever at their most productive when they have been unwell, tired, or under any pressure. The same goes for your workers. To ensure your workforce is healthy and consequently productive, you should consider engaging in a bike to work UK scheme.

There are lots of ways to invest into your workers' wellbeing, from medical insurance to wellbeing centre memberships. But, a host of recent studies have demonstrated that the best thing you could do for both your workers and your company productivity levels, is invest in a bike to work system. On average, it's been proven that cyclists live for an extra two years, and they take 15 per cent fewer sick days from work than non-cyclists. This is time they're spending active and working for your company, and thus you don’t have to worry about finding and funding cover. Also, exercise before work is thought to improve productivity by 15 per cent. Exercise can take many forms, but as your workers have hectic lives, a possibility to combine travelling to work and exercising is often very appealing. It is not only productivity levels that will improve, but team members who are physically healthy have also demonstrated an ability to make up to 27 per cent fewer errors in their work when compared with who have an unfit lifestyle. When you consider all of the points that have been mentioned, you see that when you participate in a salary sacrifice scheme, not only can your team spend less on purchasing a bike, but also it makes for a happier, fitter, and more productive work environment.

Enhance workplace productivity and invest in your employees’ health with bike to work UK based schemes run by Team Rewards. To find out more about the solutions we have available, and how we can help you to make the most of employee benefit schemes, simply visit our website -

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