Why The Bike To Work Scheme Has Exploded In Recent Years

Providing satisfactory employee benefits has become very important in recent years. The job market has become extremely competitive, and businesses need to do their utmost to ensure that they can attract the best workers and keep them from leaving. This is achieved by utilising employee benefits schemes. While, in the past, these benefits were mainly in the form of pension contributions and company cars, in this day and age companies are becoming more innovative with their benefits. It is common to see bike to work schemes and childcare vouchers being provided by today’s businesses. In the following paragraphs, you will see exactly why such schemes have become increasingly popular.

What Exactly Are Bike To Work Schemes?

It was such a simple idea that has turned into a crazy trend. Every morning you will see the roads lined with workers riding a bike to work. They are kitted out with all of the latest gear and equipment. Businesses now provide safe areas for workers to store their equipment as well as providing showering facilities for those who have made the journey by bike. It is a very basic tax incentive scheme that on the surface appears to only provide a few simple benefits. However, it has had a huge uptake. The basic premise is that the employee goes to a bike shop, picks out exactly what they want; the type of bike, colour, features etc. and the equipment to go along with it. The worker orders everything themselves initially and sends the invoice to their employer who pays for it all. This process is covered under a salary sacrifice agreement whereby the employee has agreed to decrease their cash compensation in return for benefits such as the bike to work schemes. These schemes cover all types of bike and equipment but don’t extend to motorcycles and mopeds. The safety equipment that is covered includes; cycle helmets (must conform to European regulations), bulb horns and bells, different types of lights, mudguards,and mirrors to ensure that the cyclists visibility is never impaired, dress guards and cycle clips, luggage carriers that allow the cyclist to safely carry luggage, chains and locks for security, pumps, puncture and other repair kits to allow for breakdowns, reflectors and reflective clothing to make sure that the cyclist is fully visible to other traffic.

How Does The Bike To Work Scheme Benefit Employees?

There are a whole host of benefits to talk about in regards to the ride a bike to work scheme. In recent times, people have increasingly lived a sedentary lifestyle. They get the train or drive to work, sit at a desk all day, and travel home to sit on the couch all evening before going to bed. This process is rinsed and repeated at least five days a week. Riding your bike to work provides great benefits, as you are getting some effective exercise as well as often saving time and money that would be spent on fuel and fares. It has also encouraged many people to get involved with cycling in their time off. With rapidly rising levels of obesity, all employers should be encouraging their workers to take part in such a scheme. A healthy worker is a happy worker. They will be much more energetic and productive while in work. The hordes of people who now cycle to work are having a positive environmental impact, as they are lessening the number of vehicles on the roads. The bike for work scheme is one of the simplest employee benefit schemes to put in place for employers and it keeps their workers happy. It is a no-brainer.

How To Get Your Bike To Work Scheme In Place With Help From Team Rewards

Having seen all of the potential benefits of the bike to work scheme, the next step is to put the platform in place so that your employees can start to use the scheme for themselves. Along with your other employee benefit schemes, they require a lot of maintenance on your behalf. This is why most of the world’s leading businesses outsource this work to companies who specialise in this technology. Small businesses, in particular, receive great benefit from this outsourcing, as it is vital that all hands are on deck when you only have a few workers. Team Rewards provides just a service and we are one of the best around. You can visit our website, http://teamrewards.co.uk/ and take a look at the different services we offer. For any questions or concerns, give us a call on 0845 0777 075 or send an email to info@teamrewards.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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