Employee Benefit Solutions – What Do Employees Want?

Every manager and business owner wants to motivate their staff to achieve their best. But, not all employees are the same, so it is unlikely that they will be motivated by the same employee benefit solutions. Finding out how to get the best from your team is key to continuing to reach new heights.

Trying to work out which employee benefits you need can be tricky. It is important that you do not stereotype staff according to age, gender, ethnicity, body shape, or marital status when attempting to choose the right employee benefits. You may have a mainly young, female office, but that does not mean that childcare vouchers through salary sacrifice schemes are at the top of their list. One of the easiest ways to approach this issue is, of course, to talk to your employees and see what they think. You can make it part of a staff meeting, or even a performance review. You may even be surprised by some of the responses you get. A number of your employees may be more interested in training and subsidised courses than in gym memberships. Others may be looking more at the long term and prefer medical and life insurance cover, or an improved pension plan, over more instant rewards. No matter what the responses, you do have to keep in mind that you can’t please everyone completely and that you have to work within you own time and financial restraints. However, creating a package that includes both long and short term benefits that incorporates the majority of your team’s ideas is a good place to start.

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