Ride A Bike To Work – Encouraging Participation In The Scheme

You have a health conscious and environmentally aware team, so when looking for the perfect rewards package you automatically considered a cycle to work scheme. But, how do you encourage employees to ride a bike to work, especially in the unpredictable British weather, not to mention the traffic?

The first thing to keep in mind is that change takes time, it won’t happen overnight. There are several stages that each employee will move through between thinking it’s a good idea and actually riding a bike to work. Believe it or not, one of the best things you can do is lead by example. Show that it is possible to ride all or part of the way to work and still be able to complete your job. Again, this isn’t going to happen overnight, and you will need to be supportive of late starts because of punctures, grazed knees and elbows, and general exhaustion when the scheme is first implemented. The other side of the coin is about pushing the very real benefits to the individual team members. Work out with them the cost savings of not using a car and how the salary sacrifice scheme works. If they can see the real tangible benefits, they are more likely to place these above the initial discomforts of riding a bike. Additionally, try to target your message, just as you would to attract customers. If healthy living is central to one section of your staff, then this is your start point.

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