Ride Your Bike To Work - Encouraging Your Employees To Bike To Work

If you've got a health conscious and environmentally aware team, and if you are searching for an ideal rewards package, you should consider a ‘ride your bike to work’ scheme. But, how can you motivate workers to cycle to work, particularly in the unpredictable British weather?

The primary thing to remember is the fact that change takes time. It is unlikely that you will be able to immediately convince your employees to bike to work. One of the greatest things you can do is lead by example. Show your employees that it is feasible to ride all or a portion of the way to work and have the energy you need for the working day. In the beginning, you'll have to be understanding if your employees are late because of getting used to their bike and general exhaustion, especially if they have not cycled for a while. Another way to encourage your employees to participate in this scheme is to show them the monetary benefits they will make. Work out with each team member the price savings of going to work riding a bicycle under the salary sacrifice scheme compared with driving a car. When employees can see the actual advantages, they may be more inclined to put these above the initial distress of riding a bike. Also, make an effort to target your message, just as you do to entice customers. If healthy living is essential to one segment of your staff, then this is a good start point.

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