Riding A Bike To Work – 5 Reasons Why Companies Should Encourage It

Here is a little secret; the employee is not the only one who benefits from riding a bike to work, companies benefit too. Biking encourages a healthier, more active lifestyle, saves money, and can be incorporated into employee benefits packages to give employees extra motivation to get out and cycle to and from work.

One reason why companies should be encouraging employees to bike to work is that it minimises the company’s impact on the environment. In a world where everyone should be concerned about their carbon footprint, it is one small input that is a great way to become an industry leader in this area. Team members who cycle to work are more likely to get to work on time, once they have got over the initial issues of being back on two wheels. Cyclists are less likely to get stuck in traffic, and with an ever improving network of cycle paths, cycling is quicker, easier, and safer than ever. As you would have learned at school, cycling is also great for the cardiovascular system, improving blood and, therefore, oxygen flow around the body. It’s no secret that when the brain receives more oxygen it works more effectively, and focus and concentration are improved. Healthier staff also means less time lost due to sick days and less cover being required; this means improved productivity. Finally, providing bikes through salary sacrifice schemes is a great way of rewarding your team. Not only do you reap the benefits of healthier, more focused staff, but you also help them to make more of the pound in their pocket.

Setting up an employee benefit scheme that encourages staff to join the riding a bike to work club is easy with Team Rewards Ltd. See the full range of services, including holiday club and childcare vouchers we offer at http://teamrewards.co.uk/. You can also send us an email today to discuss your specific employee benefit needs and concerns.

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