Riding Your Bike To Work – The Advantages Of This Scheme

Here's a secret; the worker isn't the only person who gains from ‘riding your bike to work’ schemes, businesses gain also. Cycling supports a healthier, more energetic lifestyle, reduces expenditure, and will be incorporated into employee benefit packages to give workers additional motivation to cycle to and from work.

One reason firms should be encouraging workers to bike to work is because it minimises the firm's negative effect on the planet. Today, all companies have a duty to be responsible when it comes to the environment, and this is one input that can go a long way to ensuring you uphold your duty. Moreover, team members who cycle to work tend to arrive on time, once they've got over the initial problems of being back on two wheels. Cyclists are not as likely to get stuck in traffic, and with an ever-improving networks of cycle trails, cycling is quicker, simpler, and safer than ever before. As you would have discovered at school, cycling can also be beneficial for the cardiovascular system; enhancing blood and, thus, oxygen flow throughout the body. It is well known that when the brain receives more oxygen it functions more efficiently, and concentration is enhanced. Fitter staff means less time lost as a result of sick days and less cover being needed; this means improved productivity. Ultimately, supplying bikes through salary sacrifice schemes is an effective way of rewarding your team. Not only can you reap the advantages of healthier, more focused staff, but you will help them to make their cash go further too.

If you are interested in the ‘riding your bike to work’ schemes, and want to encourage your staff to join, you need Team Rewards. To see the full array of services, including vacation club and childcare coupons, simply head over to our website - http://teamrewards.co.uk/. If you want to discuss with us your requirements, you can also send us an email to info@teamrewards.co.uk or call 0845 0777 075.

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