Many parents face the dilemma of how they can afford the cost of childcare and this can often have a bearing on whether or not they continue to work.

Providing Childcare Vouchers can help make a real difference by reducing the cost of childcare through savings in tax and National Insurance. Working parents with children up to the age of 16 can use vouchers to pay for registered childcare – including nurseries, childminders and nannies, after school clubs, holiday play schemes and school boarding costs.

Our Childcare Scheme is easy to set up and you can generate considerable savings for your company by reducing NICs too. If you already have a scheme in place then we can handle of the transition for you with minimum disruption to you or your employees.

We’ll provide you with:

  • Full administration including enrolment, marketing, and compliance
  • Seamless transition from one scheme to another
  • Secure deposit of voucher funds
  • HMRC compliant documentation
  • Online interactive Basic Earning Assessment tool
  • National Minimum Wage checks
  • Ofsted carer checks
  • Dedicated employee support including telephone enrolment
  • HR administration tools and management information
  • Flexibility for employees to change their voucher order
  • Vouchers can be used to pay multiple carers
  • Electronic fulfilment of vouchers

Key Information:

  • A Government backed fully HMRC compliant salary sacrifice benefit
  • Employers can save 13.8%* in NICs on the total salary sacrifice value
  • Employees can save up to £933 per parent per year
  • Both parents can join a scheme to maximise savings
  • Open to both basic and higher rate tax payers
  • Maximum allowance for basic rate tax payers is £243 per month
  • Maximum allowance for higher rate tax payers is £124 per month
  • Vouchers can be accrued and saved up for school holidays