Total Reward Statements

Total Reward Statements

This is a great way to give employees complete clarity on the value of their entire employee benefit package in a user friendly and flexible format.

Total Rewards Statements will help your employees to see that it’s not just about their salary, but the total package you provide for them including the benefits that are often forgotten about. Our statements work online or if your prefer offline on paper or using a combination of both.

Team Rewards will design a Total Reward Statement to meet your company’s requirements and brand style and assist you with gathering and formatting the data you need to make your statements work. These can be presented to employees annually, quarterly or when ever suits you and can be updated at any time.

Statements can be presented to your entire work force, groups of employees or just key individuals. In addition, you may also wish to present Benefits Statements or Pension Statements so that employees can look ahead and plan for their retirement.

Tailored to the individual, Total Reward Statements are a great tool to help improve employee loyalty and engagement and can even increase take up across the range of benefits you provide.