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Why we need to talk about the importance of great employee communications

We know a business thrives when it interacts successfully with its customers. Nail customer engagement and you’re looking at more sales, brand growth, and loyalty. From a business perspective, creating a strong emotional connection between customer and brand is the stuff of marketing gold dust. A little of this marketing magic is also a great way to connect a business with its employees. It’s just as important in terms of higher productivity and lower absenteeism. Okay, so it’s not magic or gold dust. As employee experience providers with a creative team on board, we know it’s about an attention-grabbing, smart marketing strategy set out in the EVP to improve employee communication in order to connect employees with your brand. Is it worth it? Yes, if you like happier employees and business growth.

Trust me, I’m an employer
Any relationship expert will tell you that good, truthful communication is key to all healthy relationships, both working and personal ones. If we never talk, there’s no trust or understanding. Without communication, we have no idea if someone is happy or not, fulfilled or fed up, motivated or feeling under-valued. Ignoring these issues does not create a stable environment at home or at work, the latter being a real concern if you’re an employer. Great internal communication is important for developing trust, making people feel part of a team, and boosting morale. People who feel valued tend to work harder.

Deliver an effective marketing strategy
Creating relevant, strong internal communications is an effective way of building a good, well-defined marketing strategy. Done right, it connects your employees with your brand, its values, and benefits. Team Rewards know how to make this happen. We’re all about adding creativity and variety to your internal comms in such a way that they directly speak to your employees and grab their attention.

Adhere to correct brand guidelines
We like to think differently to traditional platform providers in that we look at your brand from the outside in – we think like a prospective employee as well as an existing one. Our approach is to create a strong, targeted message that defines your brand’s employee value proposition (EVP) and speaks to your employees and those you want to recruit. We also provide attention-grabbing visuals when designing your collateral or website, which is expertly done by our in-house team, trCREATIVE. Design speaks volumes and we can also add digital to your printed artwork to increase engagement and promote brand awareness.

Transform your communication
Our approach is focused, versatile and creative. Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help you deliver your message. It could be designing and printing an employee benefits’ booklet, editing policy documents, or bringing to life a whole digital marketing strategy to transform your communications. We’re a friendly team who work hard to make sure you receive a unique and forward-thinking service that will transform your communication and resolve any issues. This, of course, is also done with a focus on targeting and tracked engagement to achieve and manage goals.

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