An introduction to Rightsteps

At Rightsteps they believe that wellbeing isn’t just an initiative, it’s about creating a culture and environment where people thrive.

Introducing Rightsteps Wellbeing as a benefit for your employees can help you drive performance, reduce absence-related costs and address hidden issues early through the proactive provision of expert support for all your workforce.

What is Rightsteps Wellbeing?
Rightsteps Wellbeing is an on-demand platform where employees can choose what they want to access from a comprehensive suite of self-guided wellbeing resources designed to support across a range of areas covering Mind, Body & Behaviour.

Developed by an in-house team of clinical psychologists and subject matter experts, Rightsteps Wellbeing brings you a range of health and wellbeing support directly to your employees. 

How can Rightsteps Wellbeing support your business?
Rightsteps Wellbeing fits comfortably alongside other health and wellbeing benefits supporting your people to get the most out of other benefits you may provide. We recognise you’ll want to understand the value of Rightsteps Wellbeing to your business so they provide quarterly reports that bring a new insight into the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

A wellbeing programme not only serves as a tool to engage employees within your organisation and prevent absenteeism but by enabling employees to take control of their wellbeing it has a positive effect on improving employee performance, job satisfaction and retention, as well as helping to attract new talent.

Some of the brands they help to support
They help to support employee health and wellbeing of some of the UK’s most well know brands including; AO, Johnson & Johnson and Electricity Northwest.


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